What does branding have to do with your job search? Absolutely everything. Professional branding is about expressing your talents, your capabilities and what’s best about you. Essential for C-suite executives and professionals alike, a successful professional branding campaign can build credibility, boost your visibility, and capture the attention and affinity of your target market – be it a hiring company, a recruiter, or your colleagues and peers. Not only can branding positively impact your job search, it can lead to promotional opportunities and increased compensation.

Personal Branding

Learn how to better understand and communicate your personal value and what differentiates you from your competition by developing your personal brand.

Using a unique blend of career coaching, information gathering, and a targeted brand strategy process, Shelly will help you to identify who you are, what makes you different, and how it can benefit others. She will work with you to define your distinctive strengths, qualifications, and accomplishments to create a unique personal branding strategy that succinctly communicates who you are and better positions you as a trusted, memorable expert in your field.

Career Branding

Once your personal brand strategy is in place, take the branding process one step further by developing your career brand.

Shelly can help transform your personal brand into a unique career branding strategy that positions your unique value more competitively in your field. By matching up your personal attributes with specific business objectives, she will help shape and apply your unique career brand strategy consistently across all of your marketing channels in a manner that positively impacts your job search activity, online exposure, career enhancement, and professional growth.

Online Visibility & Identity Management

Manage and monitor what recruiters and hiring companies are learning about you online.

Polish up your online presence with relevant professional information that captures your unique value and can be used to enhance and elevate your online visibility. Shelly can help you create an effective online LinkedIn profile and employ emerging digital technologies to your best advantage.

Did You Know?

86% U.S. human resource professionals believe that a good online reputation can have a positive impact on a job candidate’s chances.

The Goldman Group Advantage

“Shelly worked with me to identify my personal executive brand and position myself to stand out among the competition. Shelly was able to suggest techniques on a tactical level that allowed me to communicate with confidence and clarity in all phases of the search process.” – Lori P.

Take the First Step

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