Recruiting Services

Matching the right people with the right companies – it’s a talent in itself. Done right, it can produce pretty amazing results – increased productivity, a vibrant and healthy corporate culture, and long-term employer (and employee) satisfaction. The reality is, however, that in this digitally connected world of social media networks, job boards, talent pools and industry databases, knowing exactly where to go and how to pinpoint (and most importantly, secure!) your candidate of choice is often easier said than done.

Looking for a way to the cut through the clutter and make your recruiting efforts more efficient? Goldman Group Advantage is ready and able to help.

Goldman Group Advantage specializes in helping hiring companies and organizations attract, engage, develop, and retain the most vital part of their business – their people. We are a retained search firm that works nationally (including Canada) to find the right talent fast. Led by Shelly Goldman, a respected voice in recruiting and career coaching, we are dedicated to providing inspired, specialized recruiting solutions for our clients.


We work hand-in-hand with you to understand your business strategy and corporate culture to create a tailored recruitment process that successfully satisfies your business objectives and secures the professional talent you aim to attract.Learn more

Over the years, we have managed the placement of executives and mid-level professionals for a wide range of high profile companies and nationally recognized brands. We can do the same for you.