Count on Goldman Group Advantage to be a seamless, accessible and complementary partner for your company – one that is dedicated to helping you achieve your hiring goals.

We offer access to a national candidate network, state-of-the art technology, and an in-depth understanding of the recruiting business. Our reputation is built on our ability to quickly attract and secure top performing talent – including those who may not be actively engaged in a job search – to help drive value and success for your company.

How We Work

Goldman Group Advantage understands that no two organizations are alike. Our executive recruiting process is responsive and flexible in nature, capable of being designed and customized to best serve the needs of your organization.

Step 1: Discovery

To effectively represent your organization, it is essential that we learn as much as possible about your company and its operating culture. We begin by discussing your hiring needs as well as the position’s key responsibilities and important aspects of your company’s culture.

If a job description has not already been developed, we can work with you to draft a position description that clearly defines roles and responsibilities, captures the essence your company, and attracts the appropriate candidates.

Step 2: Identification and Screening

Using a variety of tools and resources, Goldman Group Advantage then begins to identify and screen prospective candidates. Our research spans multiple channels to ensure we locate candidates with the proficiencies and characteristics that will bring optimal value to your organization.

This includes:

  • Targeted Research
  • Database Review
  • Social Media Networking & Communities
  • Industry-Specific Associations
  • Client-Generated Candidates
  • Direct Sourcing of Candidates
  • Referrals
  • Advertising

We also draw upon our rich network of resume writers and career coaching partners to research and recommend appropriate prospects. Our experience and relationships in this sector provides us with a unique competitive advantage that we employ to the benefit of our recruiting clients.

We conduct an initial screening via telephone with potential candidates to gain a stronger understanding of their capabilities, accomplishments, skills sets, behavioral characteristics, and expectations.

Step 3: Candidate Interviews

Candidates who meet the defined criteria are then interviewed at length to better determine their strengths, as well as any limitations they might bring to the position. We review their professional motivations, their prospective culture fit, accomplishments, expertise, and their salary expectations to ensure their goals and objectives complement those of your organization.

Step 4: Presentation of Candidates

As we conduct our search, we will regularly check in with you to provide a status update and list of candidates we recommend for your review.

For each prospect, we provide the candidate’s resume as well as a candid written assessment that defines what we’ve learned about the candidate and what they could potentially offer your organization in terms of fit, capabilities, growth potential, and added value. We also share with you any potential barriers or concerns we observe to ensure you have a complete and honest perspective of each candidate.

Step 5: Client Interviews & Candidate Selection

Goldman Group Advantage will prepare candidates for interviews by providing a briefing package that outlines key characteristics and information about your company. We also follow up with both you and the job candidate after the interview to see how the interview went, if there are any outstanding questions, and what the appropriate “next steps” or follow up may be.

When the decision is made to extend an offer, we assist in the development and presentation of the offer package. Based upon your preference, we can also conduct reference checks and assist with other aspects of the bringing the job candidate onboard.

Once a candidate is hired, our job is not quite complete. We will continue to follow up with both you and your new employee to ensure both of you are happy, productive, and satisfied.

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The Goldman Group Advantage

“Goldman Group Advantage has helped me fill a variety of positions throughout the East Coast for CHSC and Atlantic Business Systems. They employ a thorough pre-screening process so there are no surprises during the interview process and each candidate presented matches the required background skills.” – S. Zimmerman, Global CIO, BDP International Inc.

“Shelly’s personal style is best described as polished but real. She does whatever it takes to deliver as promised and she does so with integrity in a professional, classy, and high-energy manner. When working with us to strategically staff Mortgage 180°, her support throughout the hiring process helped us to consistently make smart and sound hiring decisions.” – R. Jenkins, Certified Mortgage Planner & Branch Manager, Prospect Mortgage, LLC

“During my tenure as CEO at JVC Technologies, Shelly assisted us with over 100 placements, many of which were highly technical positions. Since then, she has become an indispensable asset to me when it comes to recruiting rock star employees. Currently at Teknuko, and consulting with DecisionOne and other organizations, I continue to count on Shelly to help me attract and secure the best talent.” – K. Levin, President & CEO, Teknuko

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