Why Hire a Search Firm? How Search Firms Take Recruiting to a “Hire” Level

Regardless of whether you are looking to fill one specific role or seeking to hire hundreds, the recruiting process is an important step toward growing your organization’s reputation, revenue and clout. From marketing and sales divisions to operations and general management, every department needs capable leaders who possess the:

  • Skills needed to help drive the organization’s success
  • Personality that meshes with the company’s culture and values
  • Ability to grow professionally within the organization

At Goldman Group Advantage we like to call it “SPA” for short.

Given the constantly shifting state of the economy and the rising popularity of social media, I’ve heard (and more than once!) some organizations claim they no longer need to (or can’t afford) to engage a headhunter or a search firm in their recruiting efforts. Then, after being deluged with resumes, overwhelmed by the screening process, and uncertain as to how to evaluate a candidate’s experience (not to mention ensuring all hiring practices and procedures are legally compliant, fair, and attractive to the job candidate) many of these companies soon change their minds.

Why? For a start, search firms make the recruiting process easier.

Let’s face it; finding top-level talent can be tough — and the cost of a bad hire can be HUGE. It can cost your firm time and money and its competitive edge in the marketplace. Conducting an executive search on your own can also distract your senior staff from operating and expanding the business as they sort through candidates in search of the “right” hires. Most of my clients feel that investing in the cost of a recruiter at the beginning pays for itself in the long run.

When you choose to engage and retain the services of an executive search firm, you are doing more than simply posting a job description and hoping the right person applies. You are making a commitment to find the absolute best person for the job — whoever and wherever he or she may be.

Most hiring companies that use executive search firms hire them for their knowledge, connections and can-do attitude.  The search firm is tasked with recruiting and screening key talent through traditional and social methods, all the while guaranteeing that the handpicked candidates meet the requirements and culture fit of the organization. Search firms can assist in extending an offer, communicating with the candidate up until the start date and more. It’s not uncommon that we are called upon to assist with any on-boarding requests and requirements our client may have.

So what are some of the benefits of hiring a search firm to assist you in your recruiting efforts? Here are a few I’ve heard repeatedly from my clients:

  • We customize our service to fit your needs. The best search firms take the time to understand your business goals as well as the type of talent you are seeking to attract. Working with our clients, we develop tailored recruiting strategies that generate the hard to find candidates you seek.
  • We can achieve better results in less time. Defining the job description, posting the opportunity, reviewing resumes, screening candidates, scheduling interviews, following up with candidates — recruiting new talent takes up a lot of valuable time! When you engage a search firm, we dedicate our time and resources to you. We have a methodology and processes in place that enable us to perform more efficiently and excel at high levels — and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • We know how to keep things quiet. At the core of every search is confidentiality to both our clients and our candidates. Professional search firms are committed to handling all searches with the highest regard of discretion and responsibility throughout all forms communications. As a representative of the employer, we help prevent your competition from becoming aware of any open positions or staffing issues, and as a result gain any leverage or a competitive advantage.
  • We network like never before. Established recruiters have deep networks — in our industries and in our lines of expertise. We know where the talent is and where to find it. We are often bring to light candidates that might not be otherwise identifiable in the market – someone who may not be actively looking for a new job and may not respond to your job post.
  • We are social (online and off). More than sifting through resumes or viewing LinkedIn profiles, smart recruiters are there in the trenches — attending meetings, conferences and any place that we can interact with and get in front of the talent we aim to recruit for our clients.
  • We can spot best behaviors. Effective executive search consultants understand and are experts at using behavioral interviewing techniques to help bring to light a candidate’s past experiences, how they react in specific situations, and how it all relates to the competencies of the position. Why is this important? We recognize (as most of our clients do, too!) the best predictor of a person’s future performance can be determined by looking at their past.

Like most relationships, the most fruitful search firm partnerships are founded on trust, open communication, and a commitment from each party. By cultivating a true partnership with a recruiter or search firm, you can consistently and reliably attract, hire, and retain the best talent in your industry.


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